LEYVAC LV 250 Vacuum Pump 176.6 CFM

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The Leybold Leyvac LV 250 Dry Vacuum Pump is a sophisticated vacuum pump designed for various industrial and research applications. Here are the key features and specifications:

Key Features:

  1. Dry Pumping Technology: The Leyvac LV 250 operates without any lubricating fluids in the pumping chamber, ensuring a clean and oil-free vacuum environment.
  2. High Efficiency: The pump offers high efficiency and low power consumption, making it cost-effective to operate over long periods.
  3. Robust Design: Constructed with durable materials, the LV 250 is designed for long-term reliability and minimal maintenance.
  4. Compact and Modular: The compact design allows for easy integration into various systems, and its modular components facilitate straightforward maintenance and service.
  5. Quiet Operation: With advanced noise reduction technology, the LV 250 ensures a quieter working environment.
  6. Advanced Control Options: The pump can be controlled via an integrated control panel or remotely, offering flexibility in operation.
  7. Wide Application Range: Suitable for a range of applications including semiconductor manufacturing, coating technologies, and general vacuum processes.


  • Pumping Speed: The LV 250 provides a nominal pumping speed of 250 cubic meters per hour.
  • Ultimate Pressure: The pump can achieve an ultimate pressure of up to 0.01 mbar.
  • Power Consumption: It has a low power consumption, typically around 2 kW.
  • Noise Level: Operates at a noise level of less than 70 dB(A), depending on the specific operating conditions.
  • Connection Ports: Equipped with standard flange connections for easy integration into existing systems.
  • Weight: The pump weighs approximately 200 kg, making it relatively lightweight for its capacity.


  • Semiconductor Industry: Ideal for processes that require clean, oil-free vacuum conditions.
  • Coating Technologies: Used in thin-film deposition and other coating processes.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Ensures contamination-free environments for sensitive pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Research Laboratories: Suitable for various experimental setups requiring high vacuum conditions.
  • Industrial Manufacturing: Utilized in a range of general vacuum applications across different industries.

Maintenance and Support:

Leybold provides comprehensive maintenance support and service for the Leyvac LV 250, including preventive maintenance programs, spare parts, and technical support to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the pump.

For detailed technical information and support, users can refer to the Leybold website or contact their local Leybold representative.

  • Inlet: ISO63
  • Exhaust: KF40
  • Pumping speed: 176.6 CFM (60Hz)
  • Ultimate pressure: 0.75 x 10-2 Torr
  • Weight: 728 lbs




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