Wholesale Lab Equipment

Since 2010, USA Lab Equipment has been dedicated as a lab equipment distributor to providing superior scientific equipment and laboratory instruments, fantastic customer service, and competitive pricing. We stock over 1,000 products, many of which are available in both used and new condition to optimize affordability and prevent equipment from entering landfills when it could just as easily be reused and recycled. Our products are perfect for distillation specialists, extraction professionals, lab technicians, botanical processors, chemists, biologists, and more. We even have a line of wholesale lab equipment for those who often require bulk orders of supplies, such as universities, research centers, and medical laboratories. Many of the products we offer individually are featured in our catalog of wholesale lab equipment as well, including glassware, solvents, drying ovens, rotary evaporators, stainless steel tanks, hot plates, and more.

If there are products we don’t manufacture ourselves, we source them from other trustworthy scientific supply manufacturers to ensure our selection of wholesale lab equipment is diversified. Some of the companies we source from include Across International, Chemglass Life Sciences, Glas-Col, and Columbus Instruments. From Across International, we can acquire heat treatment and material processing lab equipment, like forced air drying ovens, reactors, and freezers. Chemglass Life Sciences is one of our larger suppliers, as their main product categories (chemistry and life sciences) contain hundreds of individual products. Glas-Col is one of the oldest manufacturers. They are committed to quality and producing products that exceed customer expectations. As a result, the caliber of the supplies we source from them is often unmatched and receives much praise from customers.

If you are interested in our selection of wholesale lab equipment supplies, we invite you to fill out and submit our wholesale application. The form only takes a few minutes to complete and is required if you intend on making purchases from our wholesale selection. If you have questions about the form or about our wholesale equipment collection, you may contact us at (734) 855-4890 during business hours or at (734) 564-5952 after hours.