Buchner Funnels

Speed up the gravity filtration process with a Buchner funnel kit. This device uses pressure-assisted filtration along with a vacuum in the Buchner flask under the filter, which forces the liquid through the filter paper. Not only is this filtration method faster, but a Buchner filter is also more efficient at removing residual liquid, which in turn leads to a purer solid. This process primarily collects recrystallized compounds. Buchner funnel vacuum filtration is an efficient filtration method that leads to faster, purer products from your lab.

Our Buchner filters make up just a small part of our overall product line. At USALab, we carry over 1,000 different types of new and used lab and extraction equipment. We combine that with our competitive pricing and outstanding customer service so that there’s no need to look anywhere else for lab and extraction products. Find your Buchner funnel kit below.

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