Beaker & Wrench 12" Wiped Film Evaporator

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Beaker & Wrench
35L -50L /hr
Power Requirements:
Single-Plug 240V Three-Phase

Beaker & Wrench continues to be an industry leader, bringing together scientific expertise and real-world industry experience.

Take the guess-work out of large scale cannabis oil distillation with our Wiped-Film Evaporation Turn-Key System. It arrives fully functional, meaning you can take advantage of the latest technology immediately and without additional installation or training costs.

Other control processes can be subjective and vulnerable to user error, but our automated Wiped-Film Evaporation Turn-Key System will help maximize your product outcomes with greater productivity and maximum purity.

Consistency is Key

Get greater consistency, purity, and confidence in every cannabis oil distillation when you use our system to monitor and optimize flow rate, temperature, pressure, and wiper speed (RPM) in real time. Our advanced control interface and automated processes ensure that every batch meets the highest standards of quality.

Set it and Forget it

Fully continuous flow leaves behind less advanced methods with a dependable output of 15-30 liters per hour, maximizing efficiency and minimizing complications. With our automated system, you can set your parameters and trust the system to deliver consistent, high-quality results every time.

NRTL Certified

Each system, whether 6” or 12”, is constructed with fully compliant USA NRTL-certified components. This includes a display unit and two sensors to track the contents of both streams of fluid as they continuously travel through the glassware. This certification ensures the highest safety and performance standards, giving you peace of mind in your operations.

Easy Installation

Your system arrives ready to use immediately with all components primed for use. Just roll it off the lift gate and let it get to work. Our turn-key design means you can meet demand and feel confident in the quality of your output without the need for complex setup procedures. Don’t make it complicated. Get it right with Beaker & Wrench’s Wiped-Film Evaporation Turn-Key System.

Please Note: Lead time 0-4 weeks


Key Features and Benefits

  1. Plug-and-Play Installation:

    • The 12” Wiped Film Evaporation Turn-Key System is ready to use upon delivery, minimizing setup time and eliminating the need for extensive training.
  2. Advanced Control Interface:

    • Integrated 23″ Touch-Screen Control provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for monitoring and adjusting system parameters, ensuring precise operation and ease of use.
  3. High Capacity Feed System:

    • A 200L feed tank supports large-scale operations, reducing the need for frequent refilling and enhancing production efficiency.
  4. Powerful Vacuum Pump:

    • The ACS 100 60 CFM Dry Screw Vacuum Pump ensures a robust and consistent vacuum environment, essential for efficient distillation and high purity of the final product.
  5. Effective Cold Trap:

    • The dual stage cold trap with -50°C and -100°C capabilities captures residual solvents and vapors, protecting the vacuum pump and improving overall system efficiency.
  6. Automated Flow Control:

    • Inlet and outlet gear pumps ensure a continuous and controlled flow of material, enhancing process stability and consistency of the end product.
  7. Efficient Power Utilization:

    • The entire system operates on a single 240V three-phase plug, simplifying electrical requirements and installation.
  8. Large Evaporative Area:

    • The six zone evaporator body provides a substantial 1.1m² evaporative area, increasing throughput and improving separation efficiency.
  9. User-Friendly Design:

    • The system’s design prioritizes ease of use, from the touch-screen control to the automated flow management, reducing the potential for user error and enhancing productivity.

With the Beaker & Wrench 12” Wiped Film Evaporation Turn-Key System, you can optimize your cannabis oil distillation process, achieving superior productivity, purity, and consistency. This system represents the cutting edge of distillation technology, designed to meet the demands of modern cannabis processing facilities.



*Beaker & Wrench Spec Sheet*






Dimensions (HxWxD)

76” W x 30” D x 85” H (1.9m W x 0.762m D x 2.16m H)

Control Interface

Integrated 23" Touch-Screen Control

Feed Tank Capacity


Vacuum Pump

ACS 100 60 CFM Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

Cold Trap

Dual Stage Cold Trap (-50°C / -100°C)

Flow Control

Inlet and Outlet Gear Pumps (continuous flow)

Power Requirements

Single-Plug 240V Three Phase

Evaporative Area

Six Zone Evaporator Body (1.1m² evaporative area)



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Beaker & Wrench
35L -50L /hr
Power Requirements:
Single-Plug 240V Three-Phase