USA Lab Dual Sided 6" Falling Film Evaporator - HYDRA

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The USA Lab 6 Inch Falling Film Evaporator is designed to evaporate ethanol that has been diluted in crude oil during a filtration or extraction process. By reducing the vapor pressure inside the system and metering the injection valve, the user can set the heat exchangers to the appropriate temperatures to efficiently evaporate solvent from their crude oil.

The USA Lab 6" Falling Film Evaporator employs the falling film technique, which ensures a continuous and uniform film of liquid flows down the heating surfaces, maximizing heat transfer efficiency. This design promotes enhanced evaporation rates and minimizes the potential for thermal degradation of the desired compounds in the process.

With precise control over system parameters such as temperature and injection rate, operators can customize the evaporator's settings to suit the specific characteristics of their crude oil and desired end product. This flexibility optimizes the efficiency of the ethanol evaporation process, resulting in improved product quality and higher overall productivity.

The USA Lab 6" Falling Film Evaporator offers a reliable and effective solution for evaporating ethanol from crude oil, ensuring efficient and controlled processing of the desired substances.

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