Ultra Clear S - Granular High Performance Bentonite for Bleaching & Decolorizing Edible Oils

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Ultra Clear® S

60/90 Mesh

Made in USA, Food Grade Certified

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Ultra-Clear® S effectively removes color bodies, surfactants, water, free fatty acids, organic oxides, and other polar contaminants from a wide range of oils, liquids, and waxes.  It is the Smallest particle size in the Ultra-Clear product line.

UltraClear® Granular S is a unique, naturally occurring attapulgite that has been thermally processed to provide hard, durable granules that won’t swell or breakdown in the presence of water.  All Ultra-Clear products are classified as processing aids andhave Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status from theFood and Drug Administration (FDA).

At BVV™ we recommend 100g per lb. of biomass.  We also use this edible bleach media with layering techniques & can be used with BVV™ Silica Gel and BVV™ Neutral Activated Alumina for a sugar in the oven finish!  

Ultra-Clear® is manufactured in 4 granule sizes, 8/16, 16/30, 30/60 & 60/90 mesh sizes.  Ultra-Clear® S is the smallest particle size and will offer the greatest surface area while remaining a High-Flow media for your extraction.   See the technical data sheet for more information from the manufacturer. 

Ultra:Clear® S Food Grade Certificate

Ultra:Clear® S Technical Data Sheet

Ultra:Clear® S Safety Data Sheet



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Return Policy:
Not Eligible for Return/Refund