Nuaire Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Work Bench

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A Laminar Airflow Workstation, often referred to as a laminar flow hood or clean bench, is a piece of equipment used in laboratories and other controlled environments to provide a sterile and particle-free work area. It operates on the principle of directing filtered air in a smooth, unidirectional flow to minimize the risk of contamination during sensitive processes. There are two main types of laminar airflow workstations: horizontal flow and vertical flow.

Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood:

  • Airflow Direction: In a horizontal laminar flow hood, the filtered air flows horizontally from the back of the hood toward the front, creating a clean workspace on the work surface.
  • Applications: It is commonly used for activities that require a clean and particle-free environment, such as microbiological work, cell culture, and precision electronics assembly.

Vertical Laminar Flow Hood:

  • Airflow Direction: In a vertical laminar flow hood, the air flows vertically from the top of the hood to the work surface. The downward airflow helps prevent contaminants from settling onto the work surface.
  • Applications: Vertical laminar flow hoods are often used for activities where the risk of contamination from the environment is a concern, such as handling sterile materials or conducting procedures with potential biohazards.

Key Features and Components:

  1. HEPA or ULPA Filters: Laminar airflow workstations use high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) or ultra-low penetration air (ULPA) filters to remove airborne particles and contaminants.
  2. Blower Unit: The blower unit creates the laminar airflow by drawing air through the filters and directing it in a uniform flow pattern.
  3. Work Surface: The work surface is typically made of stainless steel and serves as the area where the work is conducted. It remains under the constant flow of filtered air.
  4. UV Light: Some laminar flow hoods have built-in ultraviolet (UV) lights to further sterilize the work area when the hood is not in use.
  5. Control Panel: The control panel allows users to adjust airflow velocity, control lighting, and monitor the status of filters.

Outside Dimensions : 32 x 74 x 75

Inside Dimensions : 19 x 71 x 28

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30 Days