Lab Equipment That Must Be Regularly Assessed

Lab Equipment That Must Be Regularly Assessed

Posted by USA Lab Equipment on Sep 13th 2021

Regularly assessing your laboratory tools and equipment can promote a safe and effective working environment. But which tools need inspecting? Here are some categories and examples of lab equipment that must be regularly assessed to get you started.

Calibrated Equipment

Certain lab equipment requires regular calibration to keep it functioning as accurately as possible. Any equipment that is calibrated often should be regularly assessed to make sure it maintains this accuracy. Some examples of calibrated equipment include thermometers, barometers, pressure gauges, scales, balances, micrometers, and more. Typically, any sort of digital (or analog) measuring materials require regular calibration to produce the most accurate readings.


No matter what type of laboratory space you operate, you’re likely using some type of glassware. Whether it’s beakers and flasks, test tubes, microscope slides, pipets, thermometers, and more, your laboratory space probably includes some type of glassware equipment. These are some of the most fragile tools in the lab space, which means they are more susceptible to damage. Regularly assessing your glassware components can help you detect cracks, chips, and other early signs of damage. Throw away these materials as soon as you see any signs of damage to avoid potential injuries.

Safety Equipment

You wear safety equipment every time you enter the lab space, but how often do you assess its condition? Safety equipment can only prevent injuries and maintain a controlled environment if it’s functioning properly. Assess your PPE (personal protective equipment) regularly to make sure it hasn’t suffered any damage. Make sure your lab goggles are clear and free of cracks. Check for holes or tears in safety gloves and other garments. And don’t forget to keep your first-aid kit and other safety materials well-stocked.

These are the main categories and some examples of lab equipment that must be regularly assessed. Performing regular inspections of your tools and equipment can help keep your laboratory safe and running smoothly. And if you discover damage to any of your tools, check out USA Lab Equipment for all the replacements you need, including rotary evaporator systems and more.