Premier Rotary Evaporator Systems

Browse USALab’s extensive selection of turnkey rotary evaporator systems for sale. Rotary evaporators are scientific instruments that effectively remove solvents from reaction mixtures. Our catalog includes rotary evaporators, auxiliary condensers, flasks, oil seal sets, and more relevant equipment. We carry several 50-liter rotary evaporators, as well as evaporators with volume capacities ranging from 2l rotovap to 50l rotovap sizes. You can rest assured that our rotary evaporators for sale are ideal for the distillation of solvents containing higher boiling points.

USALab supplies nothing short of the top lab and extraction instruments. You can depend on our equipment to get the job done and to give you the best bang for your buck. Purchase your rotary evaporator system and equipment from USALab today!

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