Superlok Tube Stub X FNPT Adapter - SFA

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Superlok Tube Fittings are produced under strict quality control using the highest quality raw materials. Positive material identification (PMI), rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures are the foundation of the Superlok brand. Superlok Tube Fittings tighten easily and are leak free under shock, vibration and temperature cycling. Superlok fittings feature exceptional internal surface finish which reduces particle entrapment, potential contamination and improves the flow of liquids and gases. Superlok Instrumentation Valves and Fittings are specified across many global markets including Automotive, Aero- space, Semiconductor, Shipbuilding and Petrochemical industries. Superlok consists of 4 precision parts - Body, Front Ferrule, Rear Ferrule, and Nut. All parts are manufactured to very strict tolerances under tight quality control measures. The result is a highly reliable product that is suitable for demanding conditions across all industrial markets.

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