Professional Digital Thermometer

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WIDE USE: Can Be Used to Measure Temperature of Liquid, Vapor and Solid Object Such As Fish Tank, Pool, Furnace, Ceramic, Pottery, Molten Metal and so on (Accuracy: +/-0.1%+0.6ºC).
MULTIFUNCTION: Can Measure Temperature of Two Objects Simultaneously with 2 Modes (T1/T2, T1-T2) and Maximum (MAX), Minimum (MIN) & Average Temperature.
WIDE MEASURE RANGE: J-type: -210ºC to 1200ºC(-346℉ to 2192℉), K-type: -200ºCto 1372ºC(-328℉ to 2501℉), T-type: -250ºC to 400ºC(-418℉ to752℉), E-type: -150ºC to 1000ºC(-238℉ to1832℉), N-type: -200ºC to 1300ºC(-328℉ to2372℉), R-and-S type: 0ºC to 1767ºC(32℉ to 3212℉)
PACKAGE: Comes with 3*AAA Batteries and Two K-Type Thermocouples (Also Support Other Thermocouples of J/ T/ E/ R/ S/ N Types).
CONVENIENT DESIGN: Large LCD Screen with Backlight; Auto Power OFF; Data Hold Function.
Please note: The aforementioned A2LA accreditation belongs to the manufacturer, not Thomas Scientific. Order our digital lab thermometer for distillation today!



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Warranty Policy

Thermometer: 1 Year