Longs Peak Complete Accessory Kit

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Every accessory your Longs Peak rosin press needs

Press any material with ease

This handy complete Longs Peak rosin press accessory kit comes with multiple 2.5" x 9" micron bag types and all the tools you need to press flower, dry sift, or ice water hash.

Perfect for any press with large plates

Don't have a Longs Peak? No problem. Every accessory and tool in this kit works perfect with other rosin presses that have 10" or larger heat plates as well.

Kit includes:

  • 50x pack of 2.5" x 9" rosin filter bags in key 6 micron types, 300 bags total (25μm, 36μm, 72μm, 90μm, 115μm, and 160μm)
  • 5x pack of 12" x 12" 5μm mechanical fractioning nylon sheets
  • 5x pack of 12" x 12" 25μm stainless steel filter sheets
  • 1x 2.5" x 9" 100% aluminum, magnetized pre-press mold
  • 250x pack of 12" x 20" pre-cut 35 lb 100% USA-made parchment paper
  • 1x Large PurePressure silicone extraction work mat (36" x 24")
  • 5x pack of 12" x 20" PTFE reusable rosin pressing sheets
  • 1x PurePressure specialized rosin collection tool
  • 1x PurePressure Turbo Funnel
  • 1x Quick Flip tool





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