Blue Dream Strain | CDT Pure Terpenes | NON-THC/CBD

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*WARNING: This product is a flavoring - it contains no THC or CBD*

Blue Dream terpenes is an iconic industry favorite possessing a strong berry-like flavor, a bit herbal and piney at the same time, with a fruity smell that’s sweet, floral, with a hint of earthiness. A Sativa Hybrid, created by crossing Super Silver Haze a strong Sativa, with Blueberry a robust Indica strain.

Effect:  Users say it makes them feel happy and euphoric while feeling relaxed, uplifted, and creative.  A good choice to eliminate the couch lock effect given BD’s strong Sativa roots, while the myrcene from the Blueberry Indica opens up the blood brain barrier heightening its effects. 

Pure Terpenes are Cannabis derived, contain NO carrying oils such as VG, PG, PEG, or other common additives - they are just Pure Organically Extracted Flower!

We capture the essence of the fresh Cannabis Flower through our proprietary Organic super cold extraction processes, resulting in a highly concentrated Terpene Essential Oil.

Pure Terpenes are THC/cannabinoid free, and 3rd party certified to be free of common contaminants such as Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Microbials.