The Different Industries That Use CBD Oil

The Different Industries That Use CBD Oil

Feb 7th 2020

The Different Industries That Use CBD Oil

CBD oil has been popping up in a wide variety of different products—from shampoos to sports bars. This increasingly popular and versatile oil comes from the hemp plant using specialized extraction methods. Due to the wide variety of potential benefits that CBD oil offers and the low risk of even minor side effects, many different industries have begun utilizing CBD oil. To learn more about the different industries that use CBD oil, continue reading.

CBD oil in the health and wellness industry

The potential health benefits of CBD oil are extensive. From a mental health standpoint, some believe CBD oil helps reduce anxiety and depression in those who utilize it. In terms of physical health, CBD oil has the potential to help soothe nausea, reduce pain and inflammation, and treat insomnia. People also use CBD oil to treat a variety of different ailments, including serious health conditions such as epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

Due to the many potential health benefits that CBD oil can offer, a growing number of pharmaceutical companies are starting to sell it. For example, chain pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens have both begun stocking their shelves with products containing CBD. While CBD oil is becoming a popular and trusted healthcare product, it is important to always consult your doctor before utilizing the oil as a method to help treat any health condition.

CBD oil in the food and drink industry

Due to the many health and cosmetic benefits that CBD oil can provide, many people are looking for different ways to incorporate the oil into their daily health and beauty routines. One of the most common methods of taking CBD oil is to simply consume it. As such, it makes sense that CBD oil is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient in a variety of different food and drink products. You can now find it on the menu of several reputable restaurants. Since its recent emergence, the CBD food and beverage business has already grown to become a billion-dollar industry. Examples of CBD-infused culinary creations include chocolates, sauces, dressings, butter, cookies, and many other dishes. Regarding the drink industry, CBD oil now appears in smoothies, teas, cocktails, cold brews, and coffees.

CBD oil in the cosmetic industry

CBD oil contains a variety of beneficial properties such as vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that can improve the health and appearance of one’s skin. In addition to its beneficial properties, CBD oil is also an ideal ingredient for cosmetic products because it is non-comedogenic. Simply put, it won’t clog one’s pores and lead to breakouts regardless of their skin type. As such, it is becoming a common ingredient in many skincare products—from moisturizers and serums to makeup and facewash.

The antioxidants present in CBD oil help protect one’s skin from free radicals that can cause oxidative stress which may result in fine lines, dark spots, and dullness. As such, CBD oil is an effective anti-aging ingredient. In addition, CBD oil can also help regulate sebum production and reduce inflammation which can be extremely beneficial for those with acne-prone skin.

CBD oil in the haircare industry

In addition to nourishing the skin, CBD oil can also be very beneficial for one’s hair. Many of the properties that make CBD oil so beneficial for one’s skin can similarly benefit one’s hair. CBD oil can help control excess sebum production which keeps your skin from getting shiny and helps prevent one’s hair from appearing greasy or oily. CBD oil’s high quantities of amino acids and fatty acids also help strengthen one’s hair and follicles, thus, reducing breakage and frizz. Due to these benefits, cannabidiol is becoming a popular ingredient in many hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and sprays.

CBD oil in the sports industry

Until recently, CBD oil was a prohibited substance determined by the World Anti-Doping Agency. However, in 2018, they removed it. Since then, the sports industry added itself to the ever-growing list of different industries that use CBD oil.

Cannabidiol offers a wide variety of potential benefits for athletes. For example, CBD oil may help reduce pain and inflammation from sports-related injuries or following especially strenuous workouts. In addition, some believe CBD oil has can shorten the recovery time of injured athletes. By decreasing oxidative damage and suppressing inflammation, the cannabidiol may be able to help injured or over-worked muscles recover at a faster rate. For athletes who participate in contact sports where concussions are more frequent, CBD oil may even be able to treat concussion symptoms such as headache pain by limiting inflammation in the brain.

As a result of the many potential benefits that CBD oil can provide athletes with, CBD oil is starting to become a common ingredient in sports-related products. This includes protein bars, topical creams for reducing pain, and sports drinks. Notable professional athletes that have begun endorsing CBD as a part of their training regime include the MMA fighter Nate Diaz and the NFL player Derrick Morgan.

CBD oil in the pet industry

Many of the benefits that CBD oil can provide humans also apply to animals. Taking notice of this fact, the pet industry has started to include CBD oil in several pet-related products, such as treats and tinctures. While there haven’t been any formal studies to confirm the suspected benefits of CBD oil for pets, many people believe CBD oil can help reduce neuropathic, arthritic, and joint pain. Further, some suspect CBD oil can reduce nausea, stimulate appetite, reduce gastrointestinal issues, and control seizures in animals who consume it.

In addition to potentially reducing pain and improving the health of animals, giving CBD oil to pets can also have several benefits for owners of pets with behavioral issues. By taking CBD oil, pets can experience decreased stress and anxiety levels which may improve their behavior and cause them to become calmer. While the potential side effects for pets who take CBD oil are mild, such as drowsiness and dry mouth, it is important to consult your veterinarian before feeding your pet any CBD oil products.

As you can see, entering the CBD oil business provides a wide variety of different avenues to pursue. If you’re looking to join the versatile CBD industry, USA Lab Equipment can help provide you with all the equipment you need to begin. Our extensive stock of new and used lab products includes short path distillation kits, extraction equipment, and rotary evaporators. For more information regarding our high-quality products, contact us today.

The Different Industries That Use CBD Oil