Is Ethanol Extraction for CBD Safe?

Is Ethanol Extraction for CBD Safe?

Posted by USA Lab Equipment on Mar 8th 2022

What first comes to mind when you think of the compound ethanol? Some people might think of alcoholic beverages or of gasoline additives. What you might not know is that ethanol makes a useful solvent in extractions. If this leads you to wonder, “Is ethanol safe to use in CBD extraction?” keep reading to discover the safety status and benefits of using ethanol in CBD extractions.

What Is Ethanol Extraction?

Ethanol is a simple alcohol that has a variety of uses. While ethyl alcohol is used in alcoholic beverages, ethanol is also a powerful solvent for extracting other materials. This is where it comes into play in the ethanol extraction process. While manufacturers use ethanol extraction to produce products such as wine and whipped cream, it is also popular for extracting plant materials such as CBD. During this process, manufacturers soak the Cannabis plant in the ethanol solvent, remove the plant, and filter the extraction material to leave behind a CBD product.

Is Ethanol Safe?

Ethanol is one of the most widely used CBD extraction methods because of its safety and security. The FDA classifies ethanol extraction as “Generally Regarded as Safe” in terms of safety. Many food and medicine manufacturers rely on this extraction method to produce products every day. For some manufacturers, ethanol extraction is safer than other extraction methods, such as CO2 and hydrocarbon extraction. These methods involve high-pressure sealed systems that can result in explosions if not careful.

Benefits of Ethanol Extraction

Not only is ethanol safe for use in CBD extraction, but it also provides several benefits during the extraction process. Ethanol extraction materials are cost-effective when you compare them to other extraction method equipment, which makes this method more widely available. The ethanol extraction process is also more efficient, and you can extract a large volume of plants at a time with the right equipment. Finally, many in the field regard ethanol extraction as one of the easiest CBD extraction forms available. Ethanol extraction appeals to new and old CBD manufacturers alike for its efficiency and ease.

We hope this brief exploration into ethanol extraction has helped answer the question of, “Is ethanol safe to use in CBD extraction?” If you’re an extraction professional or hemp processor looking to try ethanol extraction for yourself, you can find closed loop extraction systems at USA Lab Equipment.