How to Maintain Used Laboratory Equipment

How to Maintain Used Laboratory Equipment

Posted by USA Lab Equipment on May 12th 2023

Laboratory equipment is highly detailed and precise, needing the strictest cleaning and maintenance protocols to ensure accurate readings. Maintaining used laboratory equipment is a multi-step process completed by every member of your laboratory team. Ongoing laboratory maintenance should include regular training, cleaning, calibration, and repairs.

Training, Training, Training!

When it comes to properly maintaining your used laboratory equipment, the best and first step should always be ensuring everyone using the equipment has proper training. Remember that several people may come into your lab; students, professors, doctors, and professionals. Everyone will have a slightly different understanding of laboratory equipment, so prepare everyone with thorough training and practices. Read below about some aspects of training that you can expect when handling laboratory equipment.

The Manual

Before anyone works with technical lab equipment, be sure to read the manual. The manual could potentially be found online, although a physical copy may have to be purchased. If you have an older piece of equipment, try contacting the manufacturer for a copy of the manual. Not only will a manual explain the equipment, but it might also have tips for simple maintenance or troubleshooting.

In-Person Training

It's one thing to read about a piece of equipment and quite another to get hands-on practice. Have an experienced user or the manufacturer give your team a step-by-step walkthrough detailing how to use and clean the equipment. One of the easiest ways to damage used laboratory equipment is improper handling. Assume everyone in your lab is new to the equipment and start hands-on training with the most basic applications.

Regular Training Refreshers

Most laboratories see constant turnover, with new people coming in and out all the time. Be sure to offer training refreshers frequently. This ensures that everyone handling the used lab equipment stays up to date on the proper procedures.

Routine Maintenance

Keeping your lab equipment in good shape involves maintaining routine cleaning, calibration, and communication practices. The better you care for your equipment, the longer it'll last. Some excellent best practices for maintaining used laboratory equipment include:


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