Chiller Not Working? | Chiller Solutions

Chiller Not Working? | Chiller Solutions

Posted by USA Lab Equipment on Apr 22nd 2022

Is your chiller not working? Then read on for some of our chiller solutions below.

The equipment and tool lineup are crucial to any laboratory setup. Your experiments and testing procedures can only be successful when all your equipment is functioning properly. Therefore, it can be frustrating when equipment like your lab chiller doesn’t work like it should. Find the underlying cause of this common troubleshooting issue by learning four reasons why your lab chiller isn’t maintaining its temperature.

Not Enough Power Output

A common reason your lab chiller might not be maintaining temperatures is a lack of power to remove the heat load. Sometimes your chiller won’t have the power output to perform as needed. This could be due to the age of the model, deterioration over time, failing insulation, and more. Whatever the reason, you may want to consider browsing new and updated lab chiller models that can perform at the levels you need them to.

It’s Not Up To Date on Maintenance

Another simple reason that your lab chiller might not be performing optimally is that it’s damaged or outdated on maintenance. Regular maintenance is key to maintaining the overall health and performance of your lab equipment, including chillers and heaters. Schedule your lab chiller for a proper cleaning and maintenance visit to see if a ventilation or coolant issue is the cause of the temperature problem.

Incorrect Temperature Settings

It’s also worth checking the setpoint temperature of your lab chiller. The current setpoint temperature could be too low for your equipment to maintain. Check with the manufacturer or equipment manual to gauge the cooling capacity of your chiller at a certain temperature. This can help you determine where your setpoint temperature should be set for maximum performance.

High Ambient Temperature

If the ambient temperature around your lab chiller is too high, the heat transfer may be impeded. Lowering the ambient temperature of your facility can improve the efficiency of your lab chiller and help it hold the set temperature.

We hope these four reasons your lab chiller isn’t maintaining its temperature help illuminate the reason why yours is out of order. If you’ve tried resetting your temperature setpoint and undergone maintenance and are looking for an updated model, check out our selection of laboratory chillers here at USA Lab Equipment.