Benefits of Using a Ceramic Buchner Funnel

Benefits of Using a Ceramic Buchner Funnel

Posted by USA Lab Equipment on Jul 8th 2021

Are you looking to add another filtration system to your lineup of laboratory tools? Then you should consider the Buchner funnel. This funnel has amazing benefits for your laboratory extractions and other procedures. If you are weighing your filtration options, here are some of the benefits of using a ceramic Buchner funnel to consider before making your equipment choice.

What Is a Buchner Funnel?

For those who aren’t familiar with this tool, the Buchner funnel is used for filtration in organic chemistry. Typically, Buchner funnels use suction and a pump to pull materials through the filtration process rather than using the traditional gravity technique. Buchner funnels are commonly made of ceramic or porcelain, but you can also find glass and plastic varieties.

Why Ceramic?

Ceramics make great materials for chemistry and other lab equipment because of their physical properties. Ceramic materials have their own advantages, including chemical resistance and strength. This material is resistant to gas and liquid chemicals, heat, and pressure and holds up against wear and tear. Not only that, but ceramic also acts as an electrical insulator, so it can be very multi-purpose. And it has a high level of hardness and durability while still being lightweight and versatile.

Benefits & Advantages

On top of the benefits of ceramics alone, here are a few more reasons to choose the ceramic Buchner funnel. Compared to other funnels, the Buchner funnel is usually larger, meaning it can filter larger volumes of solutions and other materials. Most Buchner funnels use a pump or suction technique, meaning that it pulls liquid through the filtering device automatically. This means you can process an even greater volume of solutions in even less time. If you use a filtering paper with this filter, you can make the process even faster with less clean-up in between.

So, if you are looking for a new laboratory filtration device, consider these benefits of using a ceramic Buchner funnel. And for all your laboratory and chemistry filtration equipment needs, including the ceramic Buchner funnel and more, check out USA Lab Equipment.