4 Reasons To Invest in a Deep Freezer for Your Lab

4 Reasons To Invest in a Deep Freezer for Your Lab

Posted by USA Lab Equipment on Feb 11th 2022

A deep freezer is a piece of laboratory equipment designed to preserve medical samples, medicines, and more for extended periods. This is thanks to the temperature control features and other benefits that deep freezers provide the lab space. If your facility is considering adding a cold storage unit, here are four reasons to invest in a deep freezer for your lab.

Provide Cold Chain Storage

Most importantly, medical-grade deep freezers help preserve the quality and safety of medical samples, supplies, vaccines, and other materials that require cold temperatures. It’s integral that these items follow a cold chain of storage—from the manufacturer, through delivery, and on to the end user—to preserve their quality and effectiveness. It’s especially crucial for samples in laboratory research or medical products. A deep freezer’s medical-grade temperature controls ensure this quality, whether your laboratory is the destination or a step along the cold chain.

Temperature Monitoring System

Medical-grade freezers have temperature control and monitoring systems that you won’t find in the average freezer. Most medical freezers even possess external temperature control and monitoring devices for easy inspection. This easy access keeps temperatures consistent, as you won’t need to open the freezer to read or adjust temperature controls.

Better Airflow

Most refrigerators and freezers don’t take circulation and airflow into account as precisely as laboratory deep freezers do. You won’t find a standard freezer with powerful air circulating systems and perforated ventilation holes in its shelves to keep air moving. Manufacturers design laboratory freezers with these features to ensure consistent airflow and temperatures for medical equipment, samples, vaccines, and more.

Energy Efficiency

Modern laboratory freezers are superior at conserving energy compared to previous models. If your laboratory is currently working with an old model and you notice your energy bills starting to increase, this could be due to the age of your equipment. This is your sign to upgrade to a new laboratory deep freezer with better energy efficiency. Modern Ultra-Low (ULT) deep freezers use about 25 percent less energy than standard freezer models, which will reduce energy costs and make your lab more sustainable.

When it’s time to replace your old laboratory freezer or invest in your first model, remember these four reasons to invest in a deep freezer for your lab. And if you’re currently browsing models online, visit our store at USA Lab Equipment to see our wide selection of laboratory deep freezers. You’ll find a variety of sizes, shapes, and features available with our selection of laboratory-grade freezers.