3 of the Top Professions in the Hemp Industry

3 of the Top Professions in the Hemp Industry

Dec 2nd 2019

3 of the Top Professions in the Hemp Industry

Following widespread legalization of everyone’s favorite leafy green plant, job openings in the hemp industry have been on the rise in the United States. From harvesting hemp fields to extracting CBD oil in a lab, there are many different facets of the hemp industry that you can pursue. If you’re interested in joining this fast-growing industry, here are some of the top professions in the hemp industry to consider trying.

Master extractor

Perhaps the most highly-paid professionals in the hemp industry, master extractors are responsible for overseeing the extraction of oils and concentrates from the hemp plant. Such oils may include hemp oil or CBD oil, depending on the industry. To do so, they use high-tech equipment to implement complex extraction processes such as CO2 extraction, solvent extraction, or steam distillation. Due to the complexity of the responsibilities involved with this profession, those who have a PhD in biochemistry or engineering expertise are ideal for extraction technician positions.

Head grower

Regarding the hemp industry, a head grower or grow manager organizes the daily operation necessary for hemp crop growing process. Their responsibilities are typically split between managing their team of growers and horticultural duties. On the management side, head growers will be responsible for speaking with state inspectors, assigning work, and monitoring progress while also providing guidance and training to ensure that their team is operating effectively. Their horticultural duties, on the other hand, will typically involve planting, nourishing, and cultivating crops, as well as dealing with pest control.

Quality control inspector

Enforcing regulatory compliance by ensuring that hemp-derived products obey health, safety, and potency standards is an essential job in the hemp industry profession. Quality control inspectors can either work in the private sector by working directly with companies or the public sector by working with government departments or agencies. Ideal candidates for quality control inspector jobs include those who have PhDs in botany, chemistry, agronomy, entomology, biology, or a related field.

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