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USA Lab Farmer-200 System - 200lbs Processing Per 8 Hour

USA Lab Farmer-200 System - 200lbs Processing Per 8 Hour

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The USA Lab Farmer-200 is a turnkey ethanol centrifuge extraction system that allows users the ability to extract botanical compounds to achieve superb results and separation while maintaining a closed loop system. The Farmer-200  takes 7-18 gallons of alcohol per batch and 10-20lbs of biomass per batch for approximately 200lbs of dry material per 8 hour shift with a single operator. Ethanol is loaded into the initial solvent tank via a diaphragm pump. The ethanol is then pumped through the centrifuge where an agitation cycle begins. After the agitation cycle, the outlet valve is opened and the spin dry cycles can begin. The ethanol & oil mixture is now pumps via a diaphragm pump into an additional solvent tank, and recycled 3-8 times depending on SOP. Upon final cycle, solution is pumped through a diaphragm pump into a lenticular filter via a 0.8Micron Pak filter and 7-10psi of differential pressure for a whopping 200-300gal per hour flow rate. Solution is fed into a final keg which can be further processed to users SOP. Common practice is to feed into our dual explosion evaporator for 8-10 Gallons per hour recovery rate of ethanol. Ethanol is then fed into kegs for recovery. These kegs can then be re-used at this step. Oil is then fed into our 50L SS reactor for decarb and then further processed via our 12L USA Made glass short path kit.
This system includes the following:
2x: 200LB Jacketed Solvent Tanks
1x: 20L XTC-20 Ethanol Centrifuge
1x: 12" 2 Stack Lenticular Filter
2x: 12" Filters PAK
3x: 50L Kegs
1x: 2HP Air Compressor w/ Manifold
4x: Diaphragm Pumps
1x: 30L -80°C Chiller
2x: 30L -40°C Chiller
2x: 50L -30°C Chiller
1x: 50L dual Explosion-Proof Rotary Evaporator
1x: MD 4C NT Vacuumbrand Vacuum Pump
1x: 50L SS Reactor w/ Stirrer
1x: 30L 200°C Heater
1x: 12L USA Made glass Short path kit
1x: UVP-21 21 CFM Vacuum Pump
1x: -10°C to 100°C Heater Chiller
1x: 12L Heating Mantle
1x: Digivac Vacuum Gauge
1x: -40 10CuFt Freezer
1x: 55Gal Glycol
1x: 5Gal Inland 19 Oil
Manifolds and Lines included

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