Types of Lab Stands and When To Use Them

Types of Lab Stands and When To Use Them

Posted by USA Lab Equipment on Jan 7th 2022

Lab stands may not look very imposing in the laboratory space, but these small tools add a lot of convenience and efficiency to your workday. Discover the different types of lab stands and when to use them with your laboratory experiments.

Clamp Stand

Clamp stands are one type of retort stand that involves a clamp attached to a rod stand. Clamps are a common laboratory tool for holding glassware and vessels such as burettes, test tubes, beakers, and more. Some types of glassware are better suited for clamp stands, while others are fitted better for ring stands.

Ring Stand

A ring stand functions similarly to the clamp stand in the fact that this model also supports glassware. As the name suggests, the ring stand features a series of differently sized rings to support various laboratory glassware. These rings are perfect for holding beakers, flasks, cones, funnels, and more.

Jack Stand

Jack stands, also known as laboratory jacks, offer vertical support for laboratory tools. Jack stands look like a small lift that technicians can adjust to place a piece of equipment at a certain height for more convenient access during experiments. Most lab stands are outfitted with a knob for simple height adjustment. Most are also crafted out of stainless steel for added durability.

Stand Functions & Uses

Now that you know several types of lab stands, you may be wondering what their purpose is in the lab. Lab stands help support items during a multitude of experiments. Laboratory stands often support glassware and other containment units during experiments. This is so that lab technicians can safely hold them over hot plates, flames, water baths, and more for extended periods of time to lower the risk of burning themselves. Lab stands are also commonly utilized in laboratory filtration techniques to keep materials suspended without fear of these materials shifting or falling.

Laboratory stands have a variety of appearances and uses in the laboratory. If your lab space is lacking a lab stand, check out our selection of stands and clamps at USA Lab Equipment. These tools will make your lab space and workflow much more efficient, so make sure to remember the types of lab stands and when to use them.