Tips for Choosing a Laboratory Equipment Supplier

Tips for Choosing a Laboratory Equipment Supplier

Feb 13th 2020

Tips for Choosing a Laboratory Equipment Supplier

Quality lab equipment is essential for the success of any laboratory. As such, it is important to choose your laboratory equipment supplier carefully. Failing to do so could result in poor quality equipment that negatively impacts the efficiency and success of your laboratory. In some cases, purchasing from an untrustworthy supplier could even put the health and safety of your customers, patients, and laboratory staff in jeopardy if the equipment malfunctions or doesn’t work properly. To purchase equipment that satisfies the needs of your laboratory for the best possible price, follow these tips for choosing a laboratory equipment supplier.

Choose a supplier with an online store

When choosing a laboratory equipment supplier, it is a good idea to find one with an online store. Most established laboratory equipment suppliers have online stores to increase the convenience of their customer’s purchasing experience. Purchasing your equipment from a supplier with an online store will allow you to compare prices, functionalities, and features of different products so that you can get the best deal possible and find the ideal type of equipment for your application.

Find a supplier that offers a wide array of products

Most reliable laboratory equipment suppliers will stock an extensive array of products from a variety of different leading brands. Their stock will typically include anything from general laboratory equipment, such as glassware, to specialized machinery to provide labs with everything that they would need. In addition, their products will likely include both new and refurbished equipment to provide quality options to satisfy the needs of laboratories with varying budgets. If a supplier only offers a few products, they may not be very reputable.

Check the supplier’s online reviews

You can tell a lot about a company—even a laboratory equipment supplier—by their online reviews. Before making a purchase, look at what people are saying about the company online. Sites such as Google reviews can provide you with a good idea of how past customers perceived their experience. If you notice that there aren’t any existing reviews or that the reviews are largely negative, you may be better off choosing a different supplier.

Read the supplier’s shipping policy

If you plan on purchasing laboratory equipment online, it is important to find a supplier that provides prompt and secure shipping. To do so, check the shipping policy on the supplier’s website and scan their different shipping options. At USA Lab Equipment, we process all orders throughout the day and ship within a single business day—unless there are special circumstances. We also provide rush and freight shipping to best satisfy the needs of our customers.

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