The Main Advantages of Closed-Loop Extraction

The Main Advantages of Closed-Loop Extraction

Aug 30th 2019

The Main Advantages of Closed-Loop Extraction

Extraction processes have evolved significantly over the years. While many people originally used open-loop extraction methods, there is now another option—closed-loop extraction. Although manufacturers have used closed-loop extraction to extract essential oils for decades, it has only recently risen to prominence as a cannabis extraction method. The main difference between the closed-loop and open-loop methods is that closed-loop systems seal off the solvent from the air during the extraction process. While it may seem like a simple difference, doing so results in several benefits. When deciding which process is right for you, consider these main advantages of closed-loop extraction.


Perhaps the main benefit of closed-loop extraction is that it is one of the safest extraction methods currently in practice. When performing an extraction, the potential for gasses or flammable solvents to escape can lead to an explosion. Since professionals can perform closed-loop extraction in a sealed system, there is no opportunity for such leaks to occur. The closed-loop system greatly lessens the risk of explosion when compared to other extraction methods. However, proper ventilation is still necessary to ensure optimal safety.


Manufacturers can fully contain closed-loop systems, so they won’t lose any of the pressure that builds up in the system. As a result, the system’s pressure will be greater and more consistent which will improve the efficiency of the extraction process.


Users can seal off and contain closed-loop systems so the chemical solvents involved in the process won’t escape—professionals will be able to reuse the solvents. As such, the closed-loop extraction method is incredibly economical as it doesn’t require one to regularly purchase costly solvents.

Higher-quality product

The pressure balance and increased temperature control present in closed-loop systems often result in the most flavorful, strongest, and purest concentrates. As such, closed-loop extraction yields some of the highest-quality products.

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