The Importance of Chillers in Labs

The Importance of Chillers in Labs

Mar 19th 2020

The Importance of Chillers in Labs

Reliable cooling circuits are essential for the applications of many labs. As such, lab chillers can be found in nearly any research laboratory. Lab chillers work by removing heat from an object—typically a liquid—using a vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycle. The cooled liquid then circulates to chill the intended sample or equipment. Lab chillers serve many vital purposes in laboratories and provide numerous benefits over other cooling options. To better understand the importance of chillers in labs, continue reading.

Enhanced accuracy

One of the main reasons why laboratory chillers are so important in labs is that they can help ensure the accuracy of an experiment or test. Environmental factors such as temperature can skew research results if there is even one degree of variation. By accurately ensuring exact temperatures, laboratory chillers fulfill the crucial role of guaranteeing that experiments or tests can be completed under the appropriate conditions.

Improved sustainability of labs

When chilling samples using cool water, a substantial quantity of tap water is required, which can be extremely wasteful. By providing an alternative to this wasteful practice, lab chillers help make laboratories more sustainable. As laboratories become more concerned about their water usage and how wasteful practices negatively impact the environment, lab chillers are an increasingly important type of equipment to own.

Cost savings

One of the main reasons why lab chillers are such an important form of lab equipment is due to the cost savings that they provide. By eliminating the need for abundant quantities of fresh water to be used to cool samples, lab chillers can save tens of thousands of gallons of water each week which translates to a substantial sum of money. As such, utilizing a lab chiller can yield an extremely short return on investment and long-term savings.

Increased convenience

Unlike other traditional cooling methods such as water, dry ice, liquid nitrogen, and ice which can be a hassle to use, chillers provide a steady and dependable source of liquid coolant. As such, lab chillers offer unparalleled convenience, which is invaluable for busy labs.

Improved safety

Lab chillers are important for protecting the lab staff’s safety. Chemicals or other substances used in an experiment may react differently if they aren’t placed under precise temperatures. To prevent accidental and potentially dangerous reactions, it is important to use a lab chiller to control the temperature of an experiment and protect the safety and health of scientists.

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