The Different Types of Medical and Lab Freezers

The Different Types of Medical and Lab Freezers

Nov 8th 2019

The Different Types of Medical and Lab Freezers

Freezers play a significant role in the successful operation of countless laboratories and medical institutions. Such freezers are responsible for providing safe and dependable storage conditions for valuable samples and materials that require a low-temperature environment. Depending on the needs of the lab, there are many different lab freezer options to choose from. To learn more about the different types of medical and lab freezers, refer to our guide.

Chest freezer

Chest freezers open from the top rather than the front. Typically, they are larger pieces of equipment and offer a substantial amount of storage space. As such, they are particularly useful for laboratories that must store large items within a single device. Like many laboratory freezers, chest freezers typically include alarm systems to signify temperature changes, locks, and digital temperature displays. However, chest freezers don’t have shelving. As such, they aren’t ideal for laboratories that require a high level of storage organization.

Upright freezer

Perhaps the most common type of laboratory and medical freezer is the upright freezer. Upright freezers resemble a traditional freezer that one would have in their home to store groceries, as it opens from the front. Such freezers come in several sizes—from small counter-top freezers to large freezers designed to store high-quantities of samples. Often, upright freezers include shelving units in their interior which make utilizing the entire space and organizing samples easy and effective. In addition to their organizational capabilities, many professionals also admire upright freezers for their spatial efficiency. Due to their upright design, such freezers take up a minimal amount of floor space while storing maximum quantities of materials.

Ultra-low freezer

Ultra-low temperature freezers store materials that require an environment that has especially low temperatures. Such freezers can typically reach temperatures below -40°C. Some ultra-low freezers can even reach temperatures as low as -86°C. Attaining such low temperatures is possible due to two independent evaporator circuits that surround the interior chamber. To maintain their extremely low temperatures, however, ultra-low freezers typically use a substantial about of energy which may result in increased energy bills.

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