The Difference Between Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Systems

The Difference Between Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Systems

Jul 29th 2019

The Difference Between Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Systems

Currently, 24 states permit hemp farming, which has opened up a wide range of hemp-related business opportunities. One way to break into the growing hemp industry is by extracting beneficial properties from the plant such as hemp oil. To extract this oil, producers commonly use equipment such as open-loop and closed-loop systems. When deciding which method is right for you, consider these differences between open-loop and closed-loop systems.

Open-loop systems

Open-loop extraction involves removing properties from a plant using an open-ended tube. Since it’s an unsealed system, gases can escape during this process. This potential gas leak can create a serious safety hazard as an explosion may occur if the gas comes in contact with a flame or spark. Another downside to using open-loop systems is that you expose the final concentrate to the solvent during the process. This exposure leaves a residue on the product which makes it less desirable. While open-loop extraction was once very popular, it has become less common due to these safety and quality issues.

Closed-loop systems

Unlike open-loop systems, closed-loop systems seal off the air. As such, the closed-loop extraction process doesn’t allow any gases or flammable solvents to escape which greatly reduces the risk of explosions. In addition to protecting the safety of lab personnel, this containment also saves money by allowing you to reuse chemicals solvents. Another benefit of using a closed-loop system for your extraction procedure is that it doesn’t leave a solvent residue and produces cleaner, high-quality concentrates. Further, closed-loop extraction is also more efficient than open-loop extraction because they can be under greater pressure and allow for more temperature control. For these reasons, those in the hemp industry consider closed-loop systems superior to open-loop systems.

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