Practical Applications of Distillation

Practical Applications of Distillation

Posted by USA Lab Equipment on Oct 1st 2020

Distillation is a widely-used separation process that has numerous applications. It involves separating a mixture’s substance or components through the use of selective boiling and condensation. In doing so, scientists can effectively isolate a component by completely separating it or increasing the concentration of the desired component in a mixture by partially separating other substances from it. Below, we will discuss some of the practical applications of distillation. 

Creating CBD Oil Products

Distillation processes such as steam distillation are widely used to extract CBD from the hemp plant. Distillation processes make it possible to extract the CBD in its pure form from the plant without leaving behind any toxic residue. Upon doing so, the CBD can then be added to a carrier oil to create CBD oil and other popular hemp products.

Purifying Water

Another practical application of distillation is purifying water. In areas where freshwater is not accessible through wells, lakes, or streams, distillation can be used to purify seawater to make it safe to drink. In addition to creating safe drinking water, using distillation to purify water is also beneficial in industrial applications. For example, removing minerals and other impurities from the water can help increase the effectiveness of certain types of mechanical equipment. 

Producing Gasoline

One of the most common industrial uses of distillation is the production of fuel. Many of the components in crude oil cannot be used as fuel and must be separated. The process of fractional distillation—which involves separating all the components in a mixture—can help refine crude oils so that fuel such as gasoline and diesel can be made from their usable components. 

Recycling Oils

Distillation can also be used to recycle oils. Many usable oils are disposed of not because they have experienced a chemical breakdown, but due to the presence of water, dirt, and other contaminants. By removing such solvents from the oil through the process of distillation, the oil’s usable lifespan can be greatly increased.

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