Misconceptions About Used Lab Equipment

Misconceptions About Used Lab Equipment

Dec 27th 2019

Misconceptions About Used Lab Equipment

Used lab equipment is an economically efficient option for a wide variety of businesses that allows them to stock their labs with necessary materials at a reduced cost. Despite the economic benefits of purchasing used lab equipment, misapprehensions regarding pre-owned laboratory products often prevent people from taking advantage of this cost-saving solution for labs. To stop the spread of such negative rumors, we compiled a list of some of the most common misconceptions about used lab equipment.

Used lab equipment is defective

Just because the previous owner no longer wants their lab equipment, doesn’t mean it is defective. Many people believe that the only reason someone would want to get rid of their equipment is that it no longer works. However, there are many different motivations behind why someone would want to get rid of a perfectly functioning piece of equipment. For example, the previous owner could have changed locations, liquidated their lab’s assets, or changed their objectives, so they no longer need the high-functioning equipment.

Used lab equipment doesn’t last

While used lab equipment may be older than brand new equipment, that doesn’t mean it won’t last a long time. Often, people believe that used lab equipment has already seen years of wear and tear and is at the end of its usable life. However, quality used lab equipment typically has a very long service life. As such, it will likely last for years to come despite someone previously using it.

Used lab equipment has outdated features

Just because another professional previously used a piece of lab equipment doesn’t mean it is outdated. New editions of laboratory equipment often differ minimally from older models. As such, you can likely purchase a used piece of lab equipment that has all the capabilities you require—at a much lower cost.

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