Effective Ways to Reduce Costs in Your Laboratory

Effective Ways to Reduce Costs in Your Laboratory

Sep 9th 2020

Many laboratories operate on tight budgets which means it’s important to find ways to stretch every dollar as much as possible. Making grants and funding go further without sacrificing quality, however, can be a large challenge. To help your lab operate at optimum efficiency and stay within budget, here are some of the most effective ways to reduce costs in your laboratory.

Opt for Used Laboratory Equipment

Specialized laboratory equipment is one of the most important aspects of a fully functioning laboratory. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most expensive. To decrease the toll that purchasing laboratory equipment can take on your lab’s budget, consider buying used.

Many people avoid purchasing used lab equipment because they fear that it won’t last much longer or that it has outdated features and technology. However, in certain cases, newer editions of lab equipment only have minute differences compared to older models which means paying a considerable amount more for them may not be a good financial choice. Ultimately, if the equipment is projected to have a long service life and features most of the same capabilities of a newer model, buying used is more advantageous.

Order Supplies In Bulk

If your lab uses a large quantity of a particular item, it is often highly cost-effective to order it in bulk. When ordering items in bulk, providers often offer lower prices. Plus, consolidating a large number of items into one order will help reduce the cost of multiple deliveries.

Ordering in bulk is particularly beneficial for non-perishable items, as you can store them for long periods without them going bad. If you need to purchase perishable items, make sure that your lab will use them up before they expire. Otherwise, buying that item in bulk may result in waste and ultimately not be financially beneficial.

Maintain Good Storage Practices

A large number of lab materials are wasted as a result of poor storage practices. In addition to wasting money on the lost materials, a significant amount of time is also lost when experiments must be re-done due to the improper storing of samples. In a laboratory, time is money which means that such setbacks can be incredibly costly.

To avoid wasting materials and time, it’s important to hold your lab to top storage standards. Key aspects to consider when storing materials include the temperature at which they are stored and the redundancy of your storage system. In addition, it is also critical to clearly label each sample in detail and catalog them in a central location to avoid disorganization that could lead to lost samples and waste.

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