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Different Types of Vacuum Pumps Used for Hemp Distillation

Jul 10th 2019

Different Types of Vacuum Pumps Used for Hemp Distillation

Vacuum pumps are a necessary piece of equipment required for proper hemp distillation. After extracting THC and CBD from hemp, it must undergo an evaporation process so that only the desired material remains. Without distillation equipment, this process requires extremely high temperatures—according to Julabo, “THC’s and CBD have high boiling points (156-250°C; 312-482°F)”—and can take extensive amounts of time to complete. To make this process easier, consider utilizing one of these different types of vacuum pumps used for hemp distillation.

Diaphragm Pumps

Because diaphragm pumps don’t use oil, they are corrosion resistance and low maintenance. Additionally, these pumps reduce the risk of oil contamination, oil mist, and eliminate the possibility of over-processing. While they may have a higher up-front cost than other vacuum pumps, they are durable and have a low cost of ownership fees which makes them a sound financial investment.

Rotary Vane Pumps

Rotary vane pumps are one of the cheaper vacuum pump options. These high-performance pumps can reach optimum vacuum levels and include changeable displacement capacities. Over time, however, they often accrue additional upkeep costs. Because they use oil, they may need regular maintenance to keep them working long-term.

Hybrid Pump

Combining both a diaphragm and rotary vane, the hybrid pump is an ideal option for corrosion resistance. By keeping a negative pressure on it in the rotary pump, the diaphragm pump prevents solvents and pollutants from condensing in the oil. In doing so, it reduces the concentration of oxygen and corrosive gases which allows the oil to last much longer than in other pumps.

Diffusion Pumps

Diffusion pumps are highly reliable pieces of equipment that push gas molecules out of the exhaust using a high-speed jet of vapor. To capture the gaseous molecules, this equipment requires boiling oils. These oils are typically either polyphenyl ethers or silicone oil which can be costly.

If you’re interested in investing in a quality vacuum pump for hemp distillation, USA Lab Equipment has you covered. We offer a variety of vacuum pump options to choose from, including diaphragm pumps, rotary vane pumps, and vacuum distillation kits.