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Activated Bentonite Clay T-5 500G, 2KG, 5KG - USA Lab

Activated Bentonite Clay T-5 500G, 2KG, 5KG - USA Lab

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This filtration media is activated bentonite clay with a neutral pH. It is cost effective and highly active. T-5 is used for winterization, oil purification, distillation, pesticide removal and product improvement.

It is designed for fast filtering and lower clogging than normally expected.

Our hardwood activated carbon and T-5 clay work well for scrubbing and then filtering out. Keep in mind: 10% carbon to clay ratio. 10% clay to oil mixture ratio. Warm the oil (90°c), add adsorbents, mix 30 min., then cool down (40°c) and then add a solvent and filter.


pH: 6-7

Color: Beige


Specific End Uses: Absorbent and Filtration Aid




Produced by Carbon Chemistry 


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